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The Procreate program is a powerful and versatile digital painting app designed for artists and designers. With its advanced features, intuitive user interface, and seamless performance, the application has become a popular choice for professionals and hobbyists alike. In this review, we'll explore the various aspects of Procreate, including its compatibility, features, and how to get it for free.

Compatibility and Platforms

This is primarily developed for iPad and iPhone devices, with a dedicated version called Procreate Pocket for free on iPhones. However, it's worth noting that the application is not natively available. Instead, users can opt for alternative digital painting applications specifically designed for PCs, such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter. Despite this limitation, the popularity of Procreate download for PC for iPad remains unmatched.

Features and Tools

When it comes to features, the Procreate app excels in providing a wide range of tools and options to unleash your creativity. Some of the notable features include:

  • High-resolution canvases up to 16k by 4k
  • Over 200 customizable brushes
  • Layers with various blend modes and opacity settings
  • ColorDrop for easy and precise color filling
  • Time-lapse recording to capture your creative process

These features, combined with the app's responsive touch gestures and smooth performance, make Procreate for PC alternatives a highly sought-after solution for digital artists.

Interface and User Experience

The user interface of the app Procreate is designed to be clean and intuitive, allowing artists to focus on their work without distractions. The toolbar is customizable, giving users complete control over their preferred tools and settings. Additionally, the app supports the Apple Pencil, providing a natural drawing experience with pressure sensitivity and tilt support.

How to Get Procreate for Free

While it is a premium version, there are ways to get free Procreate app access. One option is to participate in promotional offers, giveaways, or contests held by developers or third-party platforms. Alternatively, you can try the app during a limited-time free trial, which may be available on special occasions or events.


Overall, it is an exceptional digital painting app that offers different features and tools for artists of all skill levels. Its intuitive interface and compatibility with the Apple Pencil make it a popular choice for iPad users. However, those looking for Procreate for free alternatives will need to explore other options, as the app is exclusively designed for iOS devices.

Download Procreate App for Windows PC

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Popular Questions About Procreate App

  • How can I download Procreate for Windows since it seems to be available only for iOS devices?

    You can download Procreate from our fan website. Just click on ‘Download Now; button.

  • Can I find a free Procreate for desktop alternative that offers similar features and functionalities?

    Yes, there are several free alternatives to this app for desktop users. Krita is an open-source and free digital painting application that offers a wide range of features. Other options include GIMP, Medibang Paint, and Autodesk SketchBook.

  • What are the steps to get Procreate for Windows or find a suitable alternative?

    Go to our website and push the ‘Download Now’ button to install this application on Windows. Some popular options include Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Krita, and Autodesk SketchBook. To get one of these options, visit their respective websites or search for them in the Microsoft Store, download the installer, and follow the installation instructions provided.

  • How can I install Procreate app on my iPad or an option on my Windows device?

    To install it on your iPad, simply visit our website and download it. Keep in mind that Procreate is a paid app.