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Update Released
Update Released List of changes in recent Procreate app update: New brushes Ability to create custom brushes New color picker New layer options Improved performance Bug fixes Changes: The biggest change is the addition of the new Brushes panel. This panel gives you quick and easy access to all of your...
Changes & Fixes
Changes & Fixes The latest update for Procreate made a lot of changes. Here we will go over some of the most important ones. Addition of a new layer group. This layer group allows you to group your layers together for easy organization. New export option. This export option allows you to export your image as a...
New Version
New Version Procreate has been updated, introducing a new feature, new brushes, and a number of improvements and bug fixes. New in Procreate The new Quick Shape feature lets you quickly and easily create perfect shapes, with options for line weight, rounded corners, and more. New brushes have been added to...
Discover the Ultimate Digital Art With Procreate Pocket Version
Discover the Ultimate Digital Art With Procreate Pocket Version Bringing the Power of Procreate to Windows The Procreate download for PC is a sought-after solution for digital artists who wish to use the powerful features of this popular iOS app on their Windows computers. Although Procreate is not officially available for Windows, there are alternative methods...
Comprehensive Tutorial to Procreate Free Features
Comprehensive Tutorial to Procreate Free Features The app Procreate is a powerful, user-friendly application designed for artists and creatives who want to bring their ideas to life digitally. With a wide range of brushes, intuitive gestures, and time-lapse recording, Procreate offers a seamless experience for artists of all levels. Brush Library...
Guide to Install Procreate on Windows PC
Guide to Install Procreate on Windows PC Understanding Procreate's Compatibility Procreate, a powerful digital art application, has gained immense popularity among artists and designers for its remarkable features and seamless user experience. However, it is essential to know that this application is primarily designed for iOS devices, su...